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September 2020 update

Hey Everyone I wanted to do another monthly update. It’s early because, at the time of this post, it’s not yet September. I did have an opportunity to put out a post that I’m working on for Spider-man 2018 on Labor Day. I reason that date, September 7th, will be the two month anniversary of Spiderman 2018… Continue reading September 2020 update


June 2018 Update

Hello everyone: I hope you are all having a great start to your summer of 2018.  I am going to post updates the first Friday's of each month.  It seems like a good point to update everyone on what is going on and what I am trying to do.  If this is your post visit… Continue reading June 2018 Update


Welcome 2018

Welcome to my blog.  My Name is Tom Moscato and I’m starting out in freelance blogging.  I watched a lot of movies and played many video games over the years and never put any input and impressions of what I've seen and played in various media.  I am using this opportunity of buying a domain… Continue reading Welcome 2018