Modeling and Portfolio Photos

Whenever, I’m not working, typing up a blog, and have some free time, a friend of mine and I go out to shoot some photos around Scranton.  Either of myself modeling or of our surrounding environment.  I am flattered that she likes to use me as her subject.  She can take and edit great shots of me and life around her.  These are a sample of the photos that she has taken of me.  I will try to update whenever we do shoots with photos on this page.  These are only a sample of the various shots that you can get.  If you are interested in supporting me and her, please visit Kim Bolesta’s portfolio site at  There you can purchase some wonderful photos of myself and other various photos and events that she has taken.  Any support and feedback would be greatly appreciated.  We like to continue and have some plans for other shoots in the future, but need support from others in order to grow and develop our set and style.  Some of the photos that she has taken, all of me, are shown below and can be purchased at her site:


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