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Animal Crossing New Horizons July 2021

On March 20th, 2020, a long-awaited video game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons released to the public. The concept of this and all Animal Crossing games are to keep a simplistic graphical and gameplay style to appeal to newcomers while incorporating old content from previous games for fans of the series. Since the game’s release, it has sold over 30 million units and received tremendous acclaim from critics and fans of the series. I started to play in June 2020 and saw what made the series great. I plan to continue to play this game for years to come. This blog a year-long project I’m undertaking. I’ll be playing the game, exploring and developing my island, and trying to get the five-star rating and discover and complete what I can while observing and trying the many different things to do in this game. This is my Animal Crossing New Horizon Journal.

July 2021

Only two events occurred this month. The first being the bug off.  I had already discussed this event last month, and I don’t have anything additional to add, so click or tap here to read about this event. 

The next event is the fishing tournament. Fishing Tournaments are nearly identical to Bug-Offs.  Fishing Tournaments are a special event where the player tries to catch as many fish as they can in a limited time and earn points.  These points can then be exchanged for limited-time fishing-themed items.  The event takes place once per season on the second Saturday of the month.  C.J., the host and fishing guru, will run the tourney from 9 AM to 6 PM.  You can compete throughout the day until 6 PM.  After 6 PM, you can sell any fish you caught for bells to C.J. and trade points for items.  Like the Bug-Off, you have three minutes to capture as many fish as you can.  You get one point for every fish caught and a bonus of two points if you caught three or more fish.  Points can accumulative and carry over to the next tourney, or you can exchange ten points for a random item, like wallpaper, clothing, or rug.  The first entry is free, and 500 bells each attempt that you try afterward. 

I did not do anything else with my island this month.  I didn’t take the time for myself like I would have to create what I wanted to do on the island.  I have some idea’s that I should try to excuse in August.  So Stay Tuned, and hopefully, I’ll have an update on my island.  

There was a news announcement a few weeks ago in regards to Animal Crossing New Horizons.  In an article I read from Polygon, Nintendo is developing new free content for the game, and more details about their plans with Animal Crossing’s future will be shared in the future.  We did receive an update on July 29th, but nothing significant, just some new items for the fireworks events in August, like cotton candy and Boba Tea drinks.  The lack of news content and events is disheartening.  I don’t think that I can add any more frustration with the kind of news we got.  It feels that Nintendo wasn’t going to add anymore past one year.  The unbridled success of the game caught Nintendo off guard, and had no plans for significant events after a year.  Assuming we get another Nintendo Direct in the fall, I’m unsure what to expect from Nintendo with Animal Crossing News. 

This article and my last didn’t have much to say the past few articles. I’m trying not to make myself sound repetitive if I make each entry.


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