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August 2021 Update

Greetings everyone; I hope that you are having a great summer. I find it crazy to think that we are over halfway done with the summer, the year, and for me, my lifespan. The thoughts and perks of a mid-life crisis. Don’t let that last sentence get you down. Even if stores displaying Halloween products, or even in some stores, I’ve been to Christmas. We still have Summertime left, so make the most of the weather and days.

I’ve taken a break this past week. I went on a family vacation, the first one in almost a few decades. It wasn’t extravagant or long, but a three-day trip to Lancaster/Hersheypark. We were initially going to go to Myrtle Beach, but trying to book it was very last minute, and everywhere we wanted to stay was booked. Future potential post aside, I’ve been attempting to post frequently in July, around two articles a week this past month. It was to challenge myself and get ready for award season for movies when and if I get to most of them this year. I’m aiming for either Wednesday or Thursday for a post and Saturday or Sunday for the other post. I may not be able to do this every time, but it should fall on the listed days if I have written a blog.

For the month of posts, expect my usual movies, games, and I hope another escape room. August will also mark my first trip to Las Vegas in two years. I’ve always made it a goal to visit there at least once a year since 2014. I stayed around January of each year, but last year, I wanted to change it up. Usually, I fly out of Philadelphia International Airport in the wintertime. I felt I’d run the risk of a snowstorm hitting my area, and I’d lose my flight and time off in 2020; I decided to fly around Spring/Summertime. At the time, I figured what could go wrong? Then Covid hit the world. I canceled my flight and trip for 2020. I did rebook my flight and fly out in four weeks. Despite Covid-19 cases rising, I’m still going. I didn’t get vaccinated a few months ago for nothing. I look forward to this trip and seeing my best friend and his family again.

That is all I had for this update. I hope you are all enjoying and making time to enjoy your summer. This is the first summer that I can remember enjoying. Everyone should, if they can, take time off away from work and enjoy some time off. I feel that eventually, you get to a point in life that memories, activities, and events feel like they happened reverently but occurred years ago. I’m at that point, and this gets exemplified by looking back at memories. Things I think happened recently occurred years or even decades ago. It’s a wake-up call to oneself of how much time passed. Yet, events I felt happened a long time were only recent. The only example I can think of at this moment is the show Wandavision. I felt the show aired last January 2020, yet its airdate was Jan 2021 this year. It still aired almost several months ago, but that felt like an eternity ago to me. Am I the only one that thinks like this?

Well, Thank you for reading. Check out some of my articles below if you missed any for July. Stay safe, healthy and keep fighting the good fight.


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