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Circle Drive-In Flea Fair

Circle Drive-In Flea Fair – Dickson City, PA

During the late spring, early summer, one of the many warm-weather activities I like doing outdoors around PA is heading to flea markets, swap meets, garage sales, whatever most people would like to call them. Any place people want to get rid of their used junk for heavy discounts or obscene prices. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” is one of my favorite mottos. Many places I go are hit or miss, but one reliable place I visit a few times every year is the Circle Drive in Flea Fair in Scranton, PA.

The Circle Drive-In Flea Fair, located in Scranton, PA, is also the Circle Drive-In Movie Theatre the rest of the time. The drive-in opened in 1949 and operates from Spring to Fall Friday through Tuesday. The drive-in has two screens, with one screen being the largest in Pennsylvania. The Circle Drive-In shows a mix of first-run movies to retro classics. The Flea Fair is open only on Sundays from 7 AM to 3 PM. The season starts in March and ends in November.

The Circle Drive-In Flea Fair is one of my favorite flea markets to shop at during the summer. The variety of items you’ll find is excellent. Some vendors will sell many items, like produce, antiques, collectibles’ arts and crafts, and more. At the same time, regular people and families can set up here and have their garage sales here for a set price, currently $20 for 18’x 20′ and $25 to be able to set up two hours earlier. There isn’t one time I left this Flea Market without any items purchased. While most items I look for are retro video games and memorabilia, I find myself buying other items I didn’t think I wanted but found a reasonable price for an item.

It would be best if you got there early, as they always seem to have an excellent attendance every week. The foot traffic and attendance can be significant, and I’m sure this place attracts hundreds, maybe even thousands of people weekly. Although, it never feels too crowded as the open space of the drive-in spreads everyone out. There are many vendors and areas here weekly, but I’d avoid going here during the earlier and later months of the season, as the weather deters many vendors and sellers from coming out. All vendors are spaced accordingly and are patterned out where you can start walking in one area and snake around to the end and see all the vendors and sellers and see what the Flea Fair has to offer.

One of the big reasons I like this place is the prices are reasonable. In many flea markets I’ve visited, sellers seem to want high-value costs for items. Items might be worth more because they could be antique or collectible and go for a high value. I can’t blame them, as people need to make some money for items they don’t want anymore, but don’t think I will spend the amount you believe your thing is worth unless I genuinely enjoy it. I feel that the purpose of flea markets and garage sales should be to get rid of unwanted stuff and make some good money for it. Go ahead and try to sell that product for a hit cost, and if you sell it, congratulations. You just might be holding onto that product for a while before you can find someone to purchase it from you at the price you’re asking. Thankfully, most sellers are negotiable and will work or haggle you to a price you both can agree.

If you get exhausted or hungry, you can purchase a drink or food at the concession stand or take a break at one of the many tables around the concession stands. I’ve not bought anything from here. Usually, I bring a drink or snack with me, so I can’t say if the prices or food are reasonable. I would recommend getting some water or a snack from home or before you arrive, as well as a backpack or a wagon to carry your items around. I recommend this unless you don’t mind lugging things around with you all day while you shop or are willing to make multiple trips back and forth to your car to drop off items. You can easily spend the whole day here, trying to find things or a treasure that you will either want or need.

Summarized thoughts of The Circle Drive-In Flea Fair

The Circle Drive-In Flea Fair is one of my favorite places to visit. Anyone local or from out of town will enjoy shopping here and trying to find either items or collectibles. Prices aren’t cheap but reasonable, and most vendors and sellers are willing to negotiate a fair price for both parties. There are always items available for sale here, and a large turnout in both vendors and buyers. If you are on the hunt for your one-of-a-kind item or treasure, you may find it here. If you are interested in more information about the Circle Drive in Flea Fair or the drive in Click or tap here. Also check out some of my good, bad and weird finds I made this year so far.


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