June/July 2021 Update

Hey Everyone, Tom here providing an update with myself and the blog for June and July 2021. Things are moving fast with my life. So fast that I’m saying, “wait, it’s the end of June, and I didn’t do an update.” “Wait, we are halfway through 2021 already?” “Wait, I’m 40 and halfway through with my life?” Besides my revelation that aging sucks, and I constantly feel like I’m going nonstop and need a break, but I can’t stop and won’t stop.

In case you missed. My post or are new to my blog, check out some of my posts from last month.

Super Mario Bros. 2

This game is weird. It’s not a bad game, but really really weird. My thoughts and review of Super Mario Bros 2.

The Makings of a Trip

Each year I travel to Las Vegas. I wanted to show, what it takes for me to travel and what goes on when I’m there. These are a series of articles showing costs, booking, preparing for and leading up to my annual trip. This article is booking my flight.

I want to address something that I attempted to do last year, but it didn’t turn out how I’d like it. That idea becomes my worst titled blog, Discovering Main Street, an article I wrote last year. I didn’t think the writing was terrible, but I could give the reader a better understanding of what I was doing. While trying to figure out what I try to get across, I figured out what I wanted the kind of articles I wanted to do. The title will be, Discovering (state), followed by the place I went. It’s like a travel blog and what there is to do in a particular area if I can’t fit the article in movies or video games pages. It gives anyone who reads my blogs a sense of what to do in a state, city, or town or if I feel it’s worth it. I’ll give my advice, review it, and opinion whenever I get out to the area and try the activity. It will be local until I get to travel further, but there is still so much in Pennsylvania that I haven’t discovered yet, that I should find some new areas of interest.

Another personal update, I will be traveling this year. I’m going to one of my favorite places to visit in the US, Las Vegas, Nevada. This trip will be my most recent trip out there in two years since the pandemic hit, and I didn’t get a chance to head out there last year. I’m looking forward to that trip, since Las Vegas is an exciting city, with lots to do and discover. A new twist to this trip is the timing. I used to visit the town in January during the coldest months of the year. While events were happing around town, it still felt restricted due to the cold chill in the air. This year, I’ll be visiting around the summertime, where activities feel like they happen more frequently. I’m not sure how I will think about the 100-degree weather, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I’m also looking forward to seeing my friend and his family again. Esciapllly since my buddy and I are going to celebrate turning forty this year. What are we doing? Well, you know the common phrase, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” (Really, I don’t have a clue what we will be doing).

I’m getting more movies and game blogs coming along. I’m also continuing to be active on my other social media channels. Making Tiktok videos, posting pictures on Instagram, tweeting, and doing other usual things on social media. I’ve put my QR Code below this paragraph that can take you to my Handle site. It’s where you can find all of the different locations of Social Media I’m on and use. I’m always welcoming new followers and will follow or follow or F4F; if you message me on my other channels and say you found me through the WordPress update, I’ll follow your page back.

That’s all I have for this update. I hope everyone is being safe and healthy and enjoying life again. Tomorrow the mask mandate for Pennsylvania is over. While I’ll be getting myself back to normal, I’ll still carry a mask with me in my pocket. Partly as respect if someone wishes me to wear it in a store or around them. Also, as a reminder of what things were at a time, I have several of these lying around my draw, and I don’t want them to waste. We are getting back to a new standard and life as it almost was here. I hope you’re wherever you are; you are getting out and discovering what was lost, something new, just getting out and enjoying yourself. Just take care, be safe, and fight the good fight wherever you are. Until next time.


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