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Animal Crossing New Horizons May 2021

On March 20th, 2020, a long-awaited video game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons released to the public. The concept of this and all Animal Crossing games are to keep a simplistic graphical and gameplay style to appeal to newcomers while incorporating old content from previous games for fans of the series. Since the game’s release, it has sold over 30 million units and received tremendous acclaim from critics and fans of the series. I started to play in June 2020 and saw what made the series great. I plan to continue to play this game for years to come. This blog a year-long project I’m undertaking. I’ll be playing the game, exploring and developing my island, and trying to get the five-star rating and discover and complete what I can while observing and trying the many different things to do in this game. This is my Animal Crossing New Horizon Journal.

May 2021

May Day, May Day, there was a May Day Event to kick off May. This event started on April 30th, but it was so close to the end of April that I moved it to this article. The May Day Tour is a limited-time event bringing a new mysterious island to visit with a fan favorite returning character named Rover. After flying to the island via Dodo Airlines, you had to a unique maze puzzle island. You have to solve the Maze and meet Rover in the end. You receive a special prize if you do. There is a catch; you aren’t allowed to bring any items with you. You may only use what is on the island to reach your goal. This Maze was a bit challenging, and I found myself at dead ends frequently. If you were stuck, you had to use the service on the Nook Phone to reset the Maze at the cost of 100 nook miles. You have only one shot at completing the Maze. I did achieve this and met Rover. Being that this is my first meeting with him, I got the Rover Briefcase item. Those the completed this last year received a Rover’s Photo item. Scattered around the island are additional items, like Bell Vouchers that you could bring back with you, which would appear in your mailbox the next day. A fun and challenging event that’s enjoyable. I could have used an option to try last year’s Maze. As I’m typing this article, there isn’t any way to try this, and you only could play the first Maze.

It was also international museum day, for two weeks. This event takes place from May 17th through May 31st. This minor event occurs if you have a museum built and set up on your island. If you do, you can get a chance at getting a special plaque for finding all three stampers in each section of the museum. When you speak to Bathers in your museum, he tasks you with finding three different Stamp sections in each section of the museum. You get a stamp card from him, and you need to find three other stamp locations in the Fossil, Art, Fish, and Bug sections of the museum. It wasn’t an engaging event like Mayday and got repetitive fast.

I received a new resident on my island. I built my 10th and the last house I’m allowed in the game this month. I felt it was time to add all of the residents I’m allowed. This final resident is Chester. I don’t know anything about him, but he looks alright with that; my community is complete. I also completed the zen bridge I ordered. Like anything that gets completed, I held a ceremony with my residents. These are little celebrations that all the residents have on the island. You have one week from completing the infrastructure to celebrate with you talk to Tom Nook. These celebrations are just some of the little touches in the game that put a smile on my face. Plus, I hope that besides making the island look nicer, I can increase my rating with better infrastructure set up around my island. I still have more bridges and inclines I’d like to add or swap out, but I’ll save that for another time.

Besides that, I wasn’t up too much on my island this month. I’ve tried to chop down most of my trees around the island, only to plant some new fruit trees around the island. I’m at least trying to grow one of every fruit variety. There are still some fruit varieties that I’m missing, so I’ll be up to traveling to acquire these items I need to complete my Nook Miles Challenges.

I like to note that I’m in the Northern Hemisphere; this might help someone read this article because the game has different seasons depending on where you live. For instance, this month in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Mushrooming Season to harvest and grow Mushrooms. In the North Hemisphere, this occurs in November. I thought this was a nice touch to give a sense of the opposite seasons’ people living in some regions of Earth experience.

June is another month with only one main event, the Wedding Season. I also intend to do the same for the next month, the same trying to pay off my home and increase the rating of my island. I’m still only at two stars. I’m also going to try to travel and complete all the fruits you can grow in the game and fill my critterpedia with season bugs that you can catch at certain times. If you wish to check out my island, my dream address is DA-6752-3837-1917. Thank you for reading, and I hope you subscribe and check out my other posts on my blog. Until next time.


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