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Captured LV Escape – Murder of ’89

Captured LV Escape isn’t the first time that I’ve done an escape room with this company. I’ve been to Captured’s other location in Bethlehem, PA, and blogged about other rooms and my experience. However, this is the first escape room I’ve done in the new area in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Captured LV Escape’s second location open up in late 2020. There are four rooms to try and complete. These rooms are The Soul Collector, Murder of ’89, The Island, and an unknown coming soon fourth room at the time of this article. My friends and I did the Murder of ’89 escape room.

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The Bethlehem location is in the Downtown area, while the Allentown area is in a shopping plaza just off Route 309. It was easy to find, check in with the host, and sign any waiver that we needed to fill out. Once our entire group arrived and it was time to try our escape room, we went into a separate media room. It’s a different section of the lobby that showcases a video of the ins and outs of an escape room. All your dos and don’ts you’d think to be common sense, but it’s still necessary to acknowledge. After this, our room’s video, which is a takeoff on the show Unsolved Mysteries, gives the room’s backstory and your objective. The actor that voiced in the video sounded a lot like Robert Stack and added authenticity to the theme of the room and game. We were then greeted by our Game Master and taken back to the larger area, where each of the rooms you may play is.  

The backstory to the room is Roxy Winter, a beautiful and popular senior at Franklin Heights who had a passion for journalism and was loved by all. Unfortunately, someone killed her in her bedroom in November 1989. The Murder shocked everyone except Roxy. She figured she would be in danger since she found secrets at school. What those secrets are is the reason you have to find out. You play as private detectives, hired by her parents to solve these secrets and solve who her killer is before the killer skips town in an hour, and her death remains a mystery.

This is a well done video you can watch on the website. The actor did a decent job with sounding like Robert Stack from Unsolved Mysteries

I will say that Captured LV Escape once again knocked this escape room out of the park. The decor and aesthetic were excellent for capturing a look to a type of girls’ bedroom based in the 1980s. The puzzles are a challenge but fair, and you and your group can solve them if you can work together or need a clue. The music that plays over the PA is a nice mix of 1980’s melodies that don’t contain lyrics but don’t distract you from finishing the task at hand. That is unless you are a 1980’s children that grew up in that era, like my group. Probably the other reason that we did this room. I highly recommend this room. I felt like one object could use another puzzle to solve, but the challenge and puzzles are enough for any escape room fan. Give this room a try should you be a fan of escape rooms, the 1980s, or both. This room is a lot of fun.

Now, this isn’t a room escape per se. You still have puzzles that need to be solved, but this theme isn’t an escape; it’s a who dun it a mystery. As you solve puzzles and gather clues, you need to figure out who killed Roxy and the weapon that they used in the room. You only have one chance to get the killer and motive right, and the clue style element is a nice twist that my friends and I haven’t attempted yet in an escape room. There are plenty of red herring clues, so take your time and be careful. I’m not a fan of the one chance to get the correct answer aspect of this, and I would have had time taken off or a clue taken away as plenty for not getting the correct answer to who killed Roxy.

Summerized thoughts about the Murder of ’89

If you like Escape Rooms and are in the Lehigh Valley area, Captured LV Escape still is an excellent recommendation, and the Murder of ’89 is a fantastic room. The staff is friendly and helpful at the Allentown location. The rooms are still thematic and designed well, especially the Murder of ’89 room. It was a nice twist that this wasn’t an escape room, but a who dun it room. I wasn’t a fan of the only chance to solve the murder aspect of the game, but it’s still a great room to play with friends and others. If you are interested, check out Captured LV Escape Room at You can see and book rooms at both locations through their website.

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