May 2021 Update

This post is just another quick monthly update. But I’d like to start and say that my second Covid-19 vaccine shot felt like I got hit by a car the next day. My body felt sore, ached, and I felt in pain every time that I moved. These symptoms are a small price to have paid; I supposed to prevent the more severe symptoms of Covid-19. I’m also glad that I didn’t get the fever or chills like I heard most people got after the vaccine. I also didn’t mention the last time, but my first shot fatigued me and tired me out for a weekend. It amazes me how much the vaccine affects people differently.

With the two doses of the vaccine in me, I can now go out and start to blog like I intended to last year. I wanted to discover the different towns around where I live, but Covid and working overtime put a stop to that. It’s a personal project. I had to find out what cities and life had to offer around the surrounding area. I was even thinking of trying to get out of state and visit other states around the US, but that could be a bit too ambitious for me right now. I hope to have some posts up about other towns I visited in the upcoming months.

I’m also one of the most indecisive people out there. For the longest time, I wasn’t happy with the layout and looked at my page. It took nearly multiple attempts to find and redesigning my webpage (and by design, I mean selecting a new template on WordPress) and found a look that I liked again. I’m sure this design will stay for a while, so please look around and check out how the website looks. I’ve also had to put setting up my Facebook Page on the back burner for now. I need to set up the page a little more, but I need some more time. I’ll make sure to announce with that is going to be ready. But for now, if you wish to follow me, there are many other social media sites that you can track my other activity on those pages.

As with my other blogs of Movies and Video Games, I’m going to try another form of Media, TV shows. I was unable to figure out how I could do this, as trying to encompass an entire TV Series that take up too much of my time, as trying to blog about one episode of a show at a time. I found my medium and decided to do this by season. I have a show I’m starting with, and it’s going to be a show that I didn’t think got enough attention and is one of the best new shows of 2021, Invincible. At least, I felt that to be true. So, keep an eye out for that post in the future.

I’ve also got more escape rooms and perhaps some other activities that could give an insight into some of my hobbies outside of gaming and movies. I’ll also have an Animal Crossing Journal out by next weekend. That is all that I have to update and what I’m doing. Thank you for reading my posts and providing feedback on my articles. Stay safe and healthy and until next time.


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