April 2021 Update

Hey Everyone, It’s been a long while since I did any updates. The insane amount of overtime I was working last year is not going to happen as much as this year. I’ve wanted to get back into putting a more extensive attempt in blogging this year, provide updates and more weekly content.

If there is something I will attest to since I’ve done any type of updates, Covid-19 is still a severe threat. In the past few months, my mom, sister, and nephew all caught the virus. My mom had a bad case and had to go to the hospital. She noticed a hard time breathing and saw this as a sign to go to the hospital, as she didn’t want to chance it with her previous medical conditions. She also just fought off a cancer scare and has type 2 diabetes, so she had a lot already against her and the virus was the last thing that she needs to get. She also contracted pneumonia on top of getting the virus. She got the necessary treatment at the hospital and was released into quarantine in our house within a weekend. I needed to get tested since I’m around her. My first experience getting a Covid test, or my nose prodded as I call it, wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I had to sneeze quite frequently after the test. I tested negative, thankfully, but needed to stay away from my mom for two weeks. She came out of quarantine since and is recovering but still suffering from the short and long-term effects of Covid. I’m just glad she survived and beat the virus.

I received my first vaccine shot on 4/16/2021. It’s your choice whether or not to get the vaccine, but I encourage you to get it. I’ve seen what the Virus did to my friends and family members.

In my blog posts, you’ll see more video games. It would be easier to do movies while at home with the pandemic since I could see movies at my own leisure. As I tried to focus on the films, I found myself getting distracted at home than watching at a movie theater. I’ve seen movies and did a few recently and blogged about Soul and Radium Girls. How I watch at theaters versus when I go and watch a movie at home feels a lot differently than at home. I have tried to accommodate this and do something that I haven’t done since I was in school, use pen and paper. Physically writing notes in a notebook to focus my thoughts and ideas. I’ll see how that will go. When movie theaters start to open up as vaccines go up and Covid cases go down, I’ll be back to typing up more thoughts and reviews of movies once again.

Besides playing, reviewing, and discussing video gaming, I will experiment with an Animal Crossing Monthly Journal. There is still much to talk about I was unable to get to. So I’m going to post monthly notes and journals for my island, what I’m doing, and a goal as I casually try to bring my island to a five-star Island. I’ll do this for a year only and see how it will go. It’s crazy to see that game being out for a year now and selling over 31 million units and the second-highest Nintendo Switch title at the time of this article.

Click or tap here to read my first article on my monthly gameplay of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

That’s all that I have to report from me for now. I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs, and please like, share, and subscribe on my blog and other social media sites. It’s the only way for me and my various channels to grow. Also, please consider getting the Covid vaccine if you’re on the fence. As someone who had their family members get Covid, you don’t want to gamble with the virus. I’ve seen the effects of what it can do to someone first hand, and it’s not pleasant to see what you or someone will go through should you catch the virus.


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