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Captured LV Escape – The Haunted Theatre

I have done a blog about Captured LV Escape Room already. Still, I wanted to update doing another Escape Room this location offers. How doing an escape room during the Covid Pandemic changed. A few years ago, my friends and I did an escape room called “The Brain Game.” They closed this room and opened a new one in its place called “The Haunted Theatre” last year. The brief backstory for “The Haunted Theater,” after going on a backstage tour of the dressing room in the Ritz theatre of famed 1920’s actress Lily L’ Amour, you are trapped. You must solve the mystery of what happened to Lily L’ Amour, stop the curse and escape or this will be the last tour you may ever take.

Being back at Captured LV Escape, the first difference is how we could reserve and attempt an escape room. If you book with several of your friends, you can get the place for your group only. It’s a great move because it eliminates the possibility of strangers joining your room. I’m not against the possibility of anybody else entering my room if doing an escape room. But during a pandemic and not knowing what condition people are in being asymptomatic or not, I’ll wait until there are effective treatments before I’ll do something like that. There were six of us, and the room held up to eight people. Having five or six people is enough to have an Escape Room for your group.

We had to wait outside of the lobby when we all arrived. I’m not sure if this was because Covid or the rest of our group was waiting outside. But we went right into our room. Masks we optional if we chose to wear them. Each room is cleaned and sprayed down after every use. The available times are further apart to allow for deeper cleaning. I did feel comfortable going into the room and touching the various locks, clues, and puzzle pieces in the area, knowing this.

The amount of detail that was put into this room was impressive. Even down to the Newspaper Article’s around the room.

The Escape Room Design was excellent. You get the feel of an old 1920’s theatre when you get into the room. “The Haunted Theatre” is a multi-room escape room, which means that there is more than one room to explore and solve puzzles. The Gamemaster’s also did a great job making the puzzles and props themed both of its time and theatre themed. Other “touches” added to the room and story’s haunted theme, but I’ll leave that for you to discover. It can be distracting, but in the right way, I’ll leave it at that. I don’t want to spoil the moments should you decide to do this room.

I was so focused on the ghost in this promotional image, that I didn’t even see the creepy shadow hand until I typed this blog up.

The puzzles are notable that may or may not require backtracking to different rooms to solve. A feature that I like about the multi-room escape rooms: they are challenging, but it’s nothing that we or anyone attempting three first escape room couldn’t handle. The group that I usually go with seem to be getting better at doing them, as we escaped with five minutes left but had to use three clues. I’ve noticed doing more escape rooms, that we aren’t falling for the same tricks and escape room traps that caught us before that took minutes to solve. I feel pride and team working does get stronger the more that we do Escape Rooms.

Of course, The Haunted Theatre isn’t without faults. The room had low lighting. You have a flashlight available to use, but it can be challenging to pass the light around between six people. The room was still visible, but looking at certain clues was hard to do without the additional light. While “The Haunted Theatre” isn’t the first room that I did with a story, but I feel that I miss out on essential details. The one thing that intrigued me was the theatre theme and development of the escape room. I wanted to know more about the characters and story while in the room. However, you only have sixty minutes to solve the room and escape. I feel that I missed out on a record of what was going on in the room. I could have missed something story-related because while I was working on a clue, other in my group solved something that was story related. Weirdly, I wish there was an option after completing a room to get the backstory and what happened. It’s not like I can or want to go through again to get the whole story. It’s not a significant complaint by any means, as I’ve been in other rooms that had this as well. It’s something I’d like to see and have going out and doing an escape room like this before.

Even the preview on the Youtube page, made me want to know more about the room. It’s shame I only had sixty minutes to get the gist of what is going on.

Overall, Captured LV Escape did a great job with “The Haunted Theatre”. Low lighting aside, the detail of the room, the puzzles, and the challenge were excellent. I highly recommend trying out this room and any of the other Escape Rooms that they offer. It’s now $26.50 per person at the time of this post, but it’s a great time out for you, your friends, or your family. check them out at They are opening a second location up in Allentown, which I plan to try out once they open.

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