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Resident Evil 3: Remake is the reimagining of the 1999 video game and the sequel to the 2019 Resident Evil 2 Remake. Graphically enhanced and updated, the story follows the original game’s story as Jill Valentine is trying to escape Raccoon City now hit with a Zombie outbreak. She is also perused by an Umbrella Bioweapon called Nemesis, who won’t stop until Jill is dead. She is assisted by Carlos, An Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service solider who is trying to help contain the viral outbreak and evacuate the city.  

My review of Resident Evil 3: Remake Summarized

While a fantastic looking game in the Resident Evil series of games Using the RE Engine, Resident Evil 3 Remake is short, especially when compared to Resident Evil 2 Remake. The game’s difficulty level is very easy due to the method of unlocking extras. There is replay value, but it feels like speed-runs the more play-throughs of the game after the second or so time of playing. The story had some good and bad changes that keep in line with a more serious storytelling style. I still liked the game despite its apparent flaws.

If you wish to read my deep dive into Resident Evil 2 Remake, Click Here. Warning there may be spoilers that some may consider in the post.

Full Review and Reactions after playing Resident Evil 3 Remake

I had a feeling that Resident Evil 3 would get a remake like Resident Evil 2 got last year. The success and reception that Resident Evil 2 warranted the sequel. I wasn’t expecting a sequel in a year, but I was glad that one had come out quickly. I could only assume that this was in development on around the same time as RE 2 Remake.

A few months ago, this US was in the midst of a Pandemic and rioting. The beginnning of Resident Evil 3 shows Raccoon City in the midst of a Pandemic and riots. Is this life imitaes art or Vice Versa.

I had a feeling that Resident Evil 3 would get a remake like Resident Evil 2 got last year. The success and reception that Resident Evil 2 warranted the sequel. I wasn’t expecting a sequel within almost a year after RE 2 Remake, but I was glad that one had come out quickly. I could only assume that this was in development on around the same time as RE 2 Remake.

The overhaul looks excellent. It’s unfair in ways to compare the graphics of PS1 to PS4. But, I can get behind this reimagining instead of going for a shot for shot remake. The character models and graphics look incredible, even playing on my PlayStation 4 slim. The design feels you are running through a destroyed city after the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. I get a sense of panic and terror from the start of the game. The design and breakdown of a riot and panicked city were excellent, but at the same time, wanted to see maybe more human characters or even her attempting to help survivors to no avail. I was impressed with the lighting and shadows at points more so than the original RE:2 Remake.

“Now here’s a weird F***** Door” a Line uttered by Carols in the game. But not at the moment where I killed Zombie in a door that closed on it. This is when he should have said that.

I can forgive some visible plot holes in the game. Resident Evil series are games that I can have some suspension of disbelief. Jill and Carlos, the two main protagonists of the game, are ok. I thought the changes they had to the character traits and dialogue in match the tone of the remake games were alright. I felt that this Carlos was a lot better than his 1999 counterpart. The changes to the story were significant in some aspects and wrong in some issues. Some changes were for the better but somehow worse at the same time, like Brad’s “fate” in this game compared to the original, which I thought exaggerated but made sense in the original Resident Evil 3. I even thought that the hospital section was better in terms of gameplay and story. But other changes seemed to want to tell and show side characters fates that didn’t matter from RE: 2 Remake. RE:3 Remake also seemed to have meta-commentary from characters that ranged from fun easter eggs to find, to being almost in your face at points.

We get it Capcom, you made Mega Man and the horrendous cover art back in the 1980’s. The gag is really overplayed in the game and almost in general.

There were new controls added to the game that I liked. Jill has a dodge roll that was handy to get out of the way of a lungeing zombie. If timed right, you can pull off a perfect dodge. It’s a maneuver that allows Jill to pull out her weapon in slow motion and get some shots or hits on an enemy. It’s similar to someone pulling off a flurry rush with Link in Breath of the Wild. Later, when you play as Carlos, you get a shoulder tackle that works like Jill’s dodge. If you can time it correctly, you get to do a punch to your enemy and knock them back.

Carlos’ section of the game has more depth I felt, than the original Resident Evil 3. They even worked in RCPD section better I thought.

I loved the new creature designs in the game. We still get the same looks for the Zombies and dogs from RE 2 Remake, among other “surprise creatures” in this game. But we get a few new creates in the Hunter series of enemies. They had a grotesque and horrific appearance to them. They easily fit in within the confines of the Unfortunately; there weren’t enough encounters with them I felt in the game, as well as not too many newer enemies as well.

Nemesis, the main antagonist in the game, isn’t as impactful as he was in the original game. The creature doesn’t chase you as much as it did in the original game. Only stalking you a few times in the beginning, and that’s it. You can take him down at times and earn an item. But do celebrate as it gets up again as Mr. X did to chase you like in RE:2 Remake. Nemesis is the only boss character that you fight in the game. Which is similar to only fighting William Birkin in RE 2: Remake. The lack of Nemesis was disappointing and wanted more encounters.

Nemesis is rather tough in the beginning of the game, that is, until you learn that he can easy be taken down by one of the few grenades found in the game.

There aren’t a lot of puzzles compared to the original game. There were only a handful of puzzles and weren’t at all challenging. There isn’t much to explore in the game and is straightforward from start to finish. The challenge of the game isn’t there like in RE 2: Remake. As you progress in playthroughs, you can unlock weapons that make the rest of your playthroughs easier, even in the most challenging settings. When you unlock the harder play-thoughts, there isn’t much of a difference other than some item and enemy placement challenges, and you can sustain more damages from enemies.

No Joke, this was the hardest puzzle I thought in the game. And this was more fetch quest than a puzzle.

While I recommend the game for any fan of the Resident Evil series, I don’t think that buying the game at full price is recommended. There is another feature that I didn’t discuss—an online multiplayer mode called Resistance, which is a four vs. one online game. I didn’t have any interest in that portion of the game. I’d wait to get the same on sale, as the game’s content is rather short, and you can complete RE 3:Remake on a weekend or few days.

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