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Discovering Main Street East Stroudsburg

I don’t get out that often. It’s because of the factors and excuses that I made to stay home over the years. These would range from financial hardships, having to work and no free time, or personal reasons for not getting myself out. After the Covid-19 pandemic happened, it was a breaking point to say enough is enough. While I’m an introverted person, I have a longing lately to get out and see the world. Well, at least anything nearby to where I live. I’ve stayed in, a bit too much for the past few years. I will and want to try to go out more. I want to take a hike around a nature trail. Revisit a town that I’ve been to, or discover a new city. See what is out in this world and see how the world has changed and responded to a pandemic.

It may be odd for someone reading this to think, why is this a big deal for me? I’m ok with just staying in a while watching a movie or playing a video game. But Covid-19 seemed to change the way of life that we all live. How we live, how we shop, even eat out. The pandemic threat is currently still real. I want to see what changed and what remained the same in the past few months. I always hear about how we live a “new normal,” but don’t personally believe in New Normal. I want to think of life as an “ever-changing normal. What was once normal now isn’t normal that was centuries, decades, years, months even days ago. Aside from mask-wearing (which most people around me still don’t wear, or wear properly), what has changed on Main Street? After shopping and spending my money on “essential business,” are there smaller businesses that I can help and purchase goods from and even discover?

When I first moved to North East Pennsylvania, I had heard that East Stroudsburg was a lousy town. I’m relatively sure that they may have a legitimate reason or not to say whether a city is a “bad area” by naysayers of a place. I was even glad when I left Long Island almost fifteen years ago. I used to bad mouth the area after I left Long Island, and said it was much better out where I lived now. My attitude changed over the years. When I now make a trip out to visit my sister, friends, or for other events, I did realize that I miss aspects of the area. I think that it was because I never went to new areas, discovering new towns and trying new things. I just stuck with what I knew.

I don’t know much about the history of East Stroudsburg. I was on Ninth Street, where I assumed that was where main street was.

I went out to East Stroudsburg on June 20, 2020, after picking up furniture at Homegoods. It was a beautiful day to walk along the main street to discover what was around the city, although humid and hot summer day. This weekend was also the first week that my county went green. I walked around the area for about two hours. There wasn’t much in terms of activities, shows, or a street artist or music. I’m going to assume that people are still not there and ready to do these kinds of events. Simultaneously, the requirement to wear a mask whenever you are out in public would make singing or performing harder to do.

There is a Farmers Market in the Circle at Stroudsburg every Saturday from 8-12PM I believe. Everyone was closing up by the time I got there.

Trying to help a local business didn’t work as I wanted. There is one thing I have to give most corporate companies over the smaller business; they have more of the availability of items that I need. Take Walmart, where if I needed to, I could buy Tires for my car, video games, and food all in one place. It’s convenient for me, yes. However, small business advantages have some advantages that big businesses don’t have. I can find a retro video game that I’ve been looking for a Gamer’s edge. Walmart only has current generation video games available, for example. I couldn’t find any stores that had what I needed. I was able to find some local food places that I was willing to support.

Main Street seemed to be full of different types of restaurants, bars, and cafes. I ate at The Cure Cafe and had Ice Cream at 7° Thai Ice Cream afterward. This gesture was the only support that I could give today for any local businesses. I also had my first Mexican Omelette for Brunch. I figured I’m out I’ll try something new. I enjoyed that omelet. The Ice Cream was Thai rolled Ice cream. They had something called bubble tea but balked at trying it. I got a Rolled Ice Cream Sundae instead. This treat was tasty, as well. I may pay more than getting something at like, a Dairy Queen blizzard, but I enjoyed it.

Trust me when I Say, this is one specialty business that I don’t need anything from. I did find the store, unique, to put it lightly.

I didn’t talk to or meet anyone new, but it seemed that most people made their own choice whether to wear a mask or not. I found it bothersome at times. Except for times of eating and drinking, I kept my mask on at all times. If it’s your choice that you don’t want to wear a mask, then that is your decision. I respect the decision you make. Remember, it’s not just you may get sick from COVID. It’s others who care about their health and don’t want to risk bringing the virus home to their family members. Maybe even people that you care or know. People that may get sick quickly and have a weakened immune system.

That’s all for that trip I took. It felt good to get out and discover. I hadn’t done much or spent any money on a local business.

I would have loved to try this escape room called Klues, but they were closed and I was by myself. Maybe another day.

I am looking forward to my next outing and see what changed in our world. If you happen to be from around the area, let me know in the comments or suggestions of something I can check out in the NEPA area.

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