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Hey everyone, I hope that the first few days of 2020 are going well for you. I want to give you a reintroduction. A reboot of who I am, what I do, and what my blog is all about. I feel that I do this a lot, but I’ve seemed to gain as well as reconnected with old friends and people. So, I’m doing to try to sum up what I have done for years, in a few paragraphs and pictures. Ok, let’s do this one last time, for real this time.

My name is Tom Moscato. I’m originally from New York, but I moved to Pennsylvania in 2005. I reside from the North East Pennsylvania area in the Poconos (I, like many other residents, call it NEPA). I work as a desk clerk. I used to work nights, averaging fifty hours a week most weeks, but it was recently cut down to forty hours thanks to a day position that opened up. When I am not there, you can either find me watching movies, playing video games, or trying out a new activity or escape room. I also started to do some reaction videos on my youtube page of films. I began to blog as an outlet to tell people what I thought about a particular movie, game, or anything else that I may have experienced. In 2018, I purchased the domain name www.tommoscato.com and a premium subscription to WordPress. For one reason or another, be it work, personal reasons, or I just seemed to lose interest and stop for some long gaps at a time. I’ve made it a goal this year to try and continue with blogging. Right now, I can only do this part-time, but I’d love to make this a full-time occupation.

If you find my blog by luck or search, then welcome. Please give this site and my articles a read. You can find the following things on this blog:

Main Page

Welcome to my site. I feel that this site should be self-explanatory, but I’ll give you a tour for a better understanding of my page. You can find my nine most recent posts on the front page as well as some sidebar widgets where you could go into past articles and even sign up via email, and you can get a notification whenever I post an article.

The Top Bar

The main menu bar is where you could find articles of past entries published. You can also find my Social Media links that I currently use. Depending if you use a computer or a mobile device, you will either see the full menu or three bars on the left. Click or tap on them to see the full list. On the right are my current social media Icons that you can go too. Please follow me on those other sites as well. I do a range of different activities from photography on Instagram, to reaction Videos on youtube, for example. Stuff that would take up a lot of the 13 GB that I am allotted from WordPress if I didn’t do them on other platforms.

Of the two photos above, This is what the top of the menu bar looks like if you are viewing on a full-sized Window, or a tablet/ mobile device. There are social media icons on the right that take you to my social media pages that I use. If you follow me on any of those sites and say you found them from my blog, I’ll follow back.

Movies/Video Games

These pages or articles are ones that I type and discuss some points about movies and video games. These are not reviews, or I’d like to think that. I don’t like to call these posts reviews, but if you want to consider the articles reviews, I’m ok with that. To me, reviews feel finite. I think that people may not react to something positivity the first time, and it may be days, weeks, maybe even years if something someone thought to be initially bad, was some great and Vise Versa. I know that I have done that throughout my life. I do give a summary in the first few paragraphs of the article, but afterward, I go into some pretty massive spoilers sometimes. Still, you don’t have to read them as long as you pay attention to the considerable warning banner that looks like this:

The following article contains spoilers from this point on.

In the past, I used to give spoilers in the article right away, but I have changed it to provide a few spoiler-free paragraphs, then getting into the observations and thoughts that I had. Most pieces I try to keep around 1,500 words. So they shouldn’t take up too much of your time. I always appreciate any feedback or comments that you may have for me, even if it’s negative and hard to hear. It’s the only way that I may grow as a person and learn how to improve upon myself and my articles going forward.

I’m not entirely sure how WordPress comes about the reading time.
The same article from Grammarly, the site I use to edit my posts. It lists the reading time as almost several minutes shorter.

Game/Escape Rooms

Any new escape room that I tried out you can find on these pages. Also, any video games place like Dave and busters, Barcades, and even different forms of gaming, like Axe Throwing, for example. If there is a game that is possible to play, then I’ll play it.

Other Topics

Anything that I can’t fit into the other topics will go here. Right now, I have some personal finance experience articles up there, but I’d like to get other article topics up in the future.


The titles say it all. You can find out more about me or contact me with a question or comment.

That’s pretty much it in terms of who I am, my blog, and what I do. Thank you for reading and if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them.

Thank you for Reading. Check out more of my blog posts at: www.tommoscato.com. 

Click or tap to follow me on my other social media Pages at: https://handlesite.com/tomoneofakind


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