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How to win at Nintendo games (by saving)

I’m a frugal person. If I don’t have to pay full price, I’ll try not to. There was once a time in my past I would be a day one adapter of video games and other products. I did enjoy doing this, but I wasn’t fully aware, maybe even ignorant of how much product can cost myself in the long term. As I aged, I understood why it’s beneficial sometimes to wait. I don’t rush out to be games like I used to when I was younger and wait. However, there are times that I can’t wait or a game to go on sale, which may take over a year, or if ever, for a game to hit my “pull the trigger” price point of $10-20 depending on the game and the content that is offered in the game. So, I look for ways to save on the must-have video games that I want to play with right away. Here is a look into a way that I try to save money, looking for deals and stacking where I can.

I saw this deal offered to Nintendo Switch Online members. Right now until 7/31/2019 you can purchase two-game vouchers at Nintendo or on their eShop for $100. You can use these to purchase 2 full priced MSRP games valued at $60, saving $10 a game. (taxes not included if any are, this can vary depending on the state that you live in). You have one year from the time of purchase to redeem them and again only open to Nintendo Switch Online members.

There is a really good selection of games that you can get with these vouchers, with more game to come.

Nintendo games rarely seem to drop to a price point that I would like to get them at. Most often, I don’t see Nintendo Switch $60 video games drop below $40. Unless they happen to go to a “players choice,” “greatest hits” or whatever they call their multi-selling titles, I have to pay a higher price for them. They are day one exceptions if there is a game I really want to play on that platform.

I am aware of other Nintendo Switch titles that are good $20 price and I even picked them up when they were on sale, such as Mario and Rabbids Kingdom battle. This title I can always seem to find for around $20. The games I am referring to are $60 and hardly see a price dip, such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2, and other games that stay at that price point.

2 games or $100 is a reasonable price, but I think that I can do better. What I would like to do is suggest a way for everyone that reads this is never to spend $60+ for a game, and go one step further and find additional ways to save. If you have more tips or ways to save, you can leave a comment. I try to save is using internet methods like cheapassgamer.com or wario64 on twitter. What I got from them is Newegg has eShop gift cards on sale for 10% off with a limit of 2 with a code I got from subscribing to a newsletter from them. By doing this, you get 2 $50 for $100 of eShop money for $90. Combining all of this, you can get 2 games for $45. Saving $15 or 25% off of the full price of an MSRP Video Game.

To get the deal and you have a Nintendo Online Subscription Go Here

I’m going one step further though. I also love to stack savings anyway that I can. On select credit cards, you can get 2-5% cash back for this purchase. I’m using a 2% cash back card, giving me $1.80 cash back. Also looking at Nintendo’s website, you purchase the two-game vouchers, you can get 500 Nintendo gold points. These are Nintendo’s rewards structure based on eligible purchases. They are for Nintendo digital download games and Download content for games. 1 point equals one cent. You get 5% back of the amount that you pay for digital purchases and 1% for physical purchases. Since you are paying $100, you get 5% back or roughly $5 to spend the points on at Nintendo. You have to use them one year from the purchase date as well. It’s not bad for a $90 purchase.

This is the breakdown of my shopping trip. I got two $60 game vouchers for $100. I also used Newegg’s save 10% on eShop gift cards, bringing that total down to $90. Then I get $1.80 cash back from my credit card. Now, I’m at $88.20. Dividing by 2, I can get 2 $60 for $44.10 saving $15.90 per game. Nearly $32 kept in my pocket.

I just saved $32 and can use that money to buy another game. Look Dead Cells is on sale for now as well.

Granted the eShop deal at Newegg ends today 5/23/2019, but I have seen these gift cards go on sale at other online or physical retailers if you are checking. Happy shopping if you do this and I’m curious what goes you would get or are getting if you pursue this deal.

This is what I plan to use the voucher on. At least one of the two games that are coming out later this year. I hope and pretty sure that this will be available to use with the vouchers.

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