July 2018 Update

Greetings, and thanks for checking out my July update.  I hope you all having a great summer.  I am typing this up from my iPad due to my computer being out of commission.  Last week, I decided to try the beta of Mojave for my iMac.  I never participated in beta software for Apple before and wanted to try it out since my computer could easily handle it.   It downloaded and when it went to install, my computer crashed and I can’t even access recovery mode to try to save it.  It’s stuck in a “Kernel Panic” loop, which the computer will tell me there is a problem with my computer and press any key to continue, over and over again.  I contacted Apple support and the only thing I can do is take my computer to the Apple Store to have them reset the computer to factory settings, I hope.  Then, I can use a prior backup to get my information back to how I had it originally.  It’s frustrating since the nearest Apple store or authorized third party company is about 40 miles from where I live.  So, until I can make it out there, I’m going to be using my iPad or my iPhone for blogging.  Some more good news is that it shouldn’t cost me anything per support.

So, besides that, I completely redesigned my blog.  And by redesigned, I just chose a premium template that cleaned up and give my blog and pages a more professional look:

I wish I took a photo to show what my original page looked like 😕. Ohh well, live and learn

I removed the all grey color background in favor of keeping it looking like a magazine style feel blog.  At least that was the description of the template.   Besides having two search tabs on the header and the side bar, (I’m learning as I go and I’ll try to remove one when I can). The tabs are more clear, boxed, and can be read easier.  I also changed the Games tab to Game/Escape Rooms.  It made more sense since most of these blogs in this section are going to do with places that deal with games (Escape rooms, laser tag, barcades, for example.)

If you to go into any of those tabs, the blog articles are better organized and I now keep a summary and put a spoiler warning as well before you go into each post.  I really don’t want to take any chances since I know how people get when you ruin anything story related with a movie or game.  I’m guilty of that as well.

The good news is that I look to be done with overtime at work soon.  No more 50 hour shifts.  Now, I can focus more on this blog.  I hope starting next week, I can try to get more blogs out more frequently.  I’m aiming for at least two per week, but I have to see how things go.

As for upcoming posts, I have do have Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Ori and the Blind  Forest coming soon, as well as a laser tag post coming up.  Everything else upcoming is going to be a wild card as to what I’m going to put my thoughts up about.

Lastly, I want to say thanks.  If you visit my site from social media sites, search engines, or randomly google my name, thank you.  You views, likes and visits are a big support for me to continue to do this. I really appreciate that and until next time.


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