The Incredibles 2

In this post, I discuss my thoughts with The Incredibles 2.  There are spoilers for the movie in this post

Before I begin, if you wish to read my thoughts on The Incredibles, CLICK HERE.

The movie picks up right where the last film ended.  The Incredibles attempt, and fail to stop The Underminer and are arrested for their actions.  Rick Dicker, the relocation agent from the last film bails them out and tells them the Super Relocation Program has ended.  Leaving the Indreidbles stranded at a hotel for 2 weeks left.  Soon after Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone are contacted by Winston Deavor, owner of the company DEVTECH.  Winston and his sister Evelyn propose a publicity stunt with Elastigirl to regain the trust of the public and bring Supers back.  While Elastigirl does this, Mr Incredible is watching his kids, Dash and Violet and makes a discovery about his son Jack Jack.

I did like that the opening of this movie. It continues from where the first movie off.  It reintroduced these characters to the audience that might have missed watching or forgot about the first movie 14 or so years ago.  Also, it reminded us that Superheroes are still illegal in the city Metroville, where the Incredibles live.  Another good reminder since they only stopped Syndrome in the last movie.  The only odd points I have were at the end of the first movie, Underminer gave a world domination threat.  In this movie, he robs a bank.  Also, what about the video game that came out in 2005 that was a sequel to the movie?  Besides those two things, the action in the beginning more than make up for those few points I just brought up.

I guess it’s going the non canon route

The Story focuses on two plots, Elastigirl working with DEVTECH to bring Supers back and Mr Incredible raising his kids while she is away.  I did enjoy the “Mr. Mom” moments that Mr Incredible had.  Trying to help Dash with homework, attempting to help and failing with Violet’s boy problem.  Discovering Jack Jack has powers and trying to see what he can do.  His animation and movement throughout the film was great.  His breakdown when his kids were upset that Mr. Incredible knew Jack Jack had powers was great.  The animators showed a lot of frustration as all he could do was raise his children until Elastigirl does her job.  A job that he wishes that he had been chosen for instead of her.  He was able to succeed and fail at the same time.  Again, it reminded me in the first film, this was the kind of life he waned to have in the first movie.

Jack Jack was the best in this movie.  I loved his fight with the raccoon.  It was a bit silly but a lot of fun to watch.  A lot more focus went on him.  His family seemed to take it well that he has 17 different powers.  I wonder how did he get 17 or so different powers? Then again, how does a super strong near invincible man and an elastic women have a speedster and an invisible, force field girl for children?  Edna Mode, who was barely in the movie, I feel I got more insight to her as a character with her brief interaction with Jack Jack.  She still designed supers costumes and looks to make a costume as a challenge and an art.  But when she and Jack Jack were together, it almost gave her a near human side of her eccentric nature.  The other kids, Dash and Violet, still seemed to remain the same with no significant changes to their characters.

Elastigirl, to me still has a lot of “Mary Sue” qualities.  Like the last movie, they weren’t bad, but she can come off as overpowered at times.  I liked the dynamic switch between her and Mr. Incredible.  Winston tells the Mr. Incredible that she was the least destructive of the three.  He had files showing the cost of damage they did prior to the Supers become illegal.  So, she was the obvious choice to bring back the Supers.  In the first film, Mr. Incredible was doing the Superhero routine to provide for his family.  Here, Elastigirl does the same thing and I liked the switch of roles for her and Mr. Incredible.  Her sequence when she chased down a monorail was awesome.  She fights a new villain called the Screenslaver.  A villain who controls people through hijacked screens or broadcasts. That fight that she has with Screenslaver, was trippy.  There was a warning of photosensitive imagery and there was about a minute of it in that fight.  Really cool, but hard to watch.

The villain and figuring out that the villain was Evelyn was the most obviously part of the movie.  A lot of the time, see looked dazed to me, like she was just done starting at a screen, or possibly working on something else.  She always in the background and kind of in the shadows.  Plus her interactions with Elastigirl were a giveaway for me.  Her weak goal, I thought, was to create a cataclysmic event caused by the Supers.  She does this by controlling the Supers and crash her families yacht into the city.  That way no one will make it legal for Supers to be, well Super, again.  I can’t understand if she could control the Supers, why not have them attack the city directly?  Or if she wanted to stop the law from being revoked, why not just stop her Brother?  He was the one that wanted the Supers back.  Underminer felt like the better villain and he was a minor character.

It kept with the sixties theme and style and I saw that the film series takes place in 1962.  It was just very strange to me to see on their TV The Outer Limits and Johnny Quest playing.  Maybe it’s out-of-place because non Disney cartoon is playing on a Disney animated Cartoon?  I think that is what it is, but it still somehow worked with me.

From left to right: Krushauer, He-Lectrix, Reflux, Elasti-girl, Brick and Screech.

There were more Supers introduced.  Voyd, who could create rifts, Krushauer who can crush items telekinetically, Brick who is super strong, He-Electrix who can create and control electricity, Reflux an old Super who can heave hot lava, and Screech a Super in an Owl Costume that has a super sonic screech.  They don’t serve a big purpose other than to fight the Incredibles while they are controlled by Evelyn near the end of the movie, then help them when they are free of her control.  Except for Voyd, who had more character development.  She goes full fan girl whenever she is in the presence of Elastigirl.  Voyd was cool and I constantly kept putting the Portal Gun sound effect from Portal whenever she used her power. She was the only real new standout in the movie.

The action was great, the standout fighting for me involved the kids fighting the other controlled supers.  Towards the end, after Frozone was kidnapped by the mind controlled supers, and the kids realized they were on their own.  But still charged into battle.  The fighting that they did were both offensive and defensive.  It didn’t feel like the kids were going to be in immediately danger, but they still had to hold their own and overcome the challenge.  I liked the fight between Voyd and Violet on the ship.  Surprisingly, there was no deaths of any Supers.  Just one on-screen death of Evelyn and Winston’s father, who was killed by robbers.  I was surprised by the mild language that was used in this film.  Not the major words, but your “damned and sucks” were said.

What did you think of the movie?  Got anything for me that I might have missed.  Let me know and thank you for reading.


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