May 2018

Hello All,

I would like to start and say thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog posts for the past few weeks.  It gives me a push that I need to continue.  Right now, my goal is to put up at least 2 or 3 posts a week.

I’d like to address that this is not a movie or game review site.  I’ve been getting people who have asked and said you me ” Oh your going to start reviewing movies and games, good for you” or “I can’t wait for your next review.”  No, I am not going to give a movie or game X out of Y score or anything out of 5 stars.  We have a lot of critics already and not everyone is going to agree with what is a good or bad movie or game.  This is my just thoughts and impressions after playing a game or seeing a movie.  Critics won’t talk about plot details, but I will.  What I might have to say, might come off a critical and you might say that I’m technically critiquing, but that is why I am starting this blog.  I want it to be a discussion site and not just one opinion.  I may have missed a detail or if a reader might have missed a detail, we can bounce back and forth what we thought.  Maybe, it might change my mind if I liked or disliked something about film or game.  If this should idea ever change, I will announce it.  Again, not a movie or game review blog.

I’ve also attached a link to a friend’s site.  She has photos of me and is a photographer looking to build her portfolio.  Any help and support you give her will be appreciated.  Just click or tap on the Kim Bolesta photography in the link section.  Thanks for reading and I’m going to work on another blog.


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