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When I’m wrong

Last week I had done a post about some thoughts I had on the NES Classic.  In it, I typed up the following about the availability of the system:

At the time of this article, these were still hard to get.  Nintendo claims to be increasing production, but almost five months later and I still can’t find one if I walk into a store.  I hope its not something that Nintendo isn’t doing to create artificial demand.  It’s also a shame that the scalpers are charging over $200 to the people who really wanted this system.  But at the same time I can’t feel bad for the buyers that give in to scalpers.  You need patience and the ability to say no to scalpering.  It was hard, but I was able to get one and so can you.

That was when I felt that the system was going to be produced for awhile.  That was one week ago.  Then the news was released about Nintendo ending the NES Classic production run.  This is the article read right before I went to work yesterday.

I’m sorry that I was wrong about this one.  I wanted Nintendo to make more of these systems.  I wanted others who were struggling to get a system.  It was a struggle for myself to get one.  In a selfish way, I’m glad I got the system when I did a few weeks ago.  It won’t be for sale.  Speaking of sales, it is great news for scalpers as the system prices seemed to skyrocket to around $300 new on eBay.  Here are some pages and searches that I did for this.  I could not find anything on Craigslist.

There is a lot of speculation going on as to why the system has been cancelled.  As to why I think that the system was cancelled, I’d say because of the Nintendo Switch.  The console is doing really well and the NES Classic was a system to pick up sales since the Wii U was a flop.  Nintendo need something this holiday season.  That is why I also think that the NES classic was released so that people would still be talking about the Nintendo brand with the Nintendo switch came out.  The rest of Nintendo’s inventory on NES Classic will be released at the end of the month.  The only thing that I wish I can get is the classic controller.  They are hard to find.


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