Thoughts on Logan (2017)

Wow a big thank you to all who took the time to follow me.  It is much appreciated and inspiring to me.  I saw Logan a few weeks ago and these are some of my thoughts that I had on the movie.  Warning there will be spoilers:

  • A Rated R Wolverine

From the start of the movie, the filmmakers didn’t hide that this would be a violent movie.  Logan was slashing body parts off and splattering blood in every action scene.  Even X-23 had some good hits as well.  This is the image that I have of the Wolverine.  At this point in his 100+ year life; Adamantium was poisoning his mutation, and killing him.  He can’t walk straight, he’s weak and tired.  Won’t get looked at by a doctor at one point in the movie.  He still has that fighting, foul mouth, and anger sprit that keeps him going, just as much as he just wants it to stop.  But he can’t.

  • Characters

Logan was broken, beaten man with failing powers.  Jackman was great.  Charles Xavier seemed to have bouts of a mental illness enhanced by his mutation.  Patrick Stewart’s performance was the best in the film I felt. To show a mighty mutant being brought down by aging was needed and told well.  A total change from the Charles Xavier that we knew in past movies.  X-23 or Laura as she was called was OK, she passed for me.  I liked it better when she was quiet and not when she started to speak at the end.  The rest of the cast were hit and miss.

  • A comic book western story

This was a “spaghetti western” disguised as a comic book superhero movie.  Logan was a great choice to do this with.  He has a great archetype for a cowboy in any medium.  The Father and daughter dynamic was great.  Although a bit too forced at times.  They showed Shane in the movie to kind of feed and foreshadow events, it worked for me.

  • The End of an Era

Thank you Hugh Jackman for 17 years of being Logan aka The Wolverine.  It sucks to say goodbye.  There were ups and downs to the X-men movies over the years.  But your performance did the character a much deserved justice and it will be hard to top.

  • Too Late

This should have been the Wolverine film that we had gotten from the start.  I’d like to blame Hollywood for playing it safe with the PG-13 rating.  A shame that it took Deadpool for Fox to finally allow Logan to be rated R. (for the most part).  The violence is a part of Logan story and not have been shown and toned down.  Only to be brought up at the end of the series.

  • Comic Books with in comic book movie

This was so oddly meta to me.  Why are there X-men comics in an X-men movie?  Especially if humans had a hate/love creation to mutants in all of the films?  I can’t see in this universe what humans would be supporting them.  It would be like Forest Gump sitting on the bus stop bench after a person leaves that he talked to and reads his own book “for no particular reason”.  I’d just expect this from something like Deadpool, not X-men.

  • What Happened to (Most?) of the X-Men?

Professor X was the one that killed them.  He explained that an event in West Chester that killed everyone in the city was his fault.  A few times he had a seizures in the movie that would cause pain and stop people in their tracks and killed them, until Logan can subdue him.  Not wars or aging, and battles, but Professor X.  Seem liked a cheap write off for the X-men and mutants.  Where was Magneto and the Brotherhood?  The Hellfire club? Even Trisk?  I can’t believe that children and two old mutant were the only ones left.

That’s all that I got for now.  If there was anything that I may have missed or forgot about, feel free to comment.


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