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NES Classic Edition


The NES Classic Edition

A Plug and Play miniaturized version of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  It comes with:

  • NES Classic Edition system
  • One NES Classic Controller
  • HDMI Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Thirty preloaded games.

My Thoughts on this:

  • The amount of third party games

There are 30 games in this system.  While there are Nintendo first party titles, they have more third party games than I thought there would be.  Bubble Bobble, Castlevania, Castlevania 2: Simons Quest, Final Fantasy, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, Galaga, Ghosts ’n Goblins, Gradius, Mega Man 2, Ninja Gaiden, Pac-Man, Super C, Temco Bowl.  13 of the 30 games are 3rd party titles.  A nice choice of variety.

  • Some Strange choices with the games

Castlevania 1 and 2 but not 3?  Double Dragon 2, Mega Man 2.  They are not bad games and I’m glad they are included, but why leave out Double Dragon 1 and Mega Man 1 or 3.  And Temco Bowl, a great football game.   It just feels out of place being the only sports game on the system.

  • Save States

Since this is an emulator it’s a nice feature.  You can have 4 saves per game.  I haven’t played most of these games in a while, and I still can’t get past level 3 of Ninja Gaiden.  At least now I can turn off my NES and save the game to go back to it at a later time.

  • Cord lengths

One that everyone seems to have a problem with this and I do as well.  The controller that the system comes with has a 2 and a 1/2 ft cord.  You can get another controller or third party controller with a longer cord or one that is wireless.  It will cost you around ten bucks or maybe more.  You will need another controller for two players.  The console also needs to be close by. In order to go back to the main menu, you need to hit the reset button.  So maybe instead of getting a longer controller, you maybe need to get longer HDMI cables as well as a USB to USB Mini cord instead.

  • I didn’t pay scalper prices

This system is going anywhere from $150-200 and up on websites like eBay and Craigslist.  I somehow was able to get this on Best Buy for the MSRP of $59.99 and tax.  It only took 10 internet browser windows, a lot of refreshing, and paying on the Best Buy app.  It was worth it.

  • Come on Nintendo, just make more

At the time of this article, these were still hard to get.  Nintendo claims to be increasing production, but almost five months later and I still can’t find one if I walk into a store.  I hope its not something that Nintendo isn’t doing to create artificial demand.  It’s also a shame that the scalpers are charging over $200 to the people who really wanted this system.  But at the same time I can’t feel bad for the buyers that give in to scalpers.  You need patience and the ability to say no to scalpering.  It was hard, but I was able to get one and so can you.

  • Original NES manual artwork

If you tried to include all 30 game manuals in this package, it would waste paper and might have cost more.  Nintendo included a QR code that you can scan with a tablet or a smartphone and it takes you to a page with the game original instruction manuals as well as the digital manuals.  a link to the site when you scan it is below.

These are all I’ve got so far on the NES Classic.  Is there anything that I may have missed? Feel free to comment.



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